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Pisa beyond the Leaning Tower

Pisa is known all around the world for its Leaning Tower, a great Italian symbol, but the millennial history of the city has left us other beauties and characteristic corners. Do you know that also in Pisa, as in Florence, there are the Lungarni? Do you know there are three leaning towers? Do you know here there is one of the most important Italian Universities? Our visit is a good opportunity to discover the true soul of the city!

The magnificence of the Square of Miracles

The Square of Miracles, one of the most important places of medieval art in Europe, symbol of Pisa religious power when the city was powerful. Let our spiritual route guide you among the frescoes of the Campo Santo, the mosaics of the Cathedral, the exceptional acoustics of the Baptistery and admire the Leaning Tower!

Churches and saints from Lucca

The churches of Lucca are architectural masterpieces and also important evidences about the local history. Lucca is also a city of saints to which are associated stories and special legends! Our itinerary will guide you to the discovery of the close connection between the city and its religious soul.

Lucca from the top of the Walls

One of the symbols of Lucca are its Renaissance Walls that enclose the historical center. They are very important about the history of Lucca: they were built to protect the city from invaders and today are the best green area for citizens. Walking above the same Walls we’ll admire the city from the top and besides we’ll visit some of Lucca’s most important monuments.

Liberty walking in Viareggio

Fancy cafes, Luxury hotels, elegant residences and suggestive glimpses of the Versilian coast will accompany us, as we discover the history of Viareggio that, from a small fishing village, grew to become an International tourist resort.

From Mediavalle to Garfagnana

Mediavalle and Garfagnana are two areas in the north of Lucca. They’re characterized by a hilly landscape and besides discovering some of the most typical towns, we’ll also have the possibility to taste their local cuisine. The places are reachable only by private transport (bus / car / NCC) and it will be also possible to organize tastings or you have lunch on demand.

Pietrasanta between art and contemporaneity

Close to the sea and the precious marble quarries, historically contended between Lucca and Florence. The town, famous scene of contemporary art, offers a fascinating history, from the Middle Ages to the present days, all to discover.

San Miniato, a quiet town

Halfway Pisa and Florence, San Miniato is a typical Tuscan medieval town along the ancient road and pilgrim route called Via Francigena. During Middel Ages the town was very coveted for its strategic position and there were a lot of battles between Pisa and Florence. San Miniato is also full of small treasures like the old way called Via Angelica.

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