middle ages

The magnificence of the Square of Miracles

The Square of Miracles, one of the most important places of medieval art in Europe, symbol of Pisa religious power when the city was powerful. Let our spiritual route guide you among the frescoes of the Campo Santo, the mosaics of the Cathedral, the exceptional acoustics of the Baptistery and admire the Leaning Tower!

San Miniato, a quiet town

Halfway Pisa and Florence, San Miniato is a typical Tuscan medieval town along the ancient road and pilgrim route called Via Francigena. During Middel Ages the town was very coveted for its strategic position and there were a lot of battles between Pisa and Florence. San Miniato is also full of small treasures like the old way called Via Angelica.

Volterra across the centuries

In Volterra it’s possible to admire traces from Ethruscan epoch, Roman age and Middle Ages all together. Its proximity to the metal- bearing hills has been the reason for various battles between Pisa and Florence to conquer the town. We’ll discover the most important places of Volterra among anecdotes and curiosities, walking throughout its calm streets with an end devoted to the alabaster, the main character of the city!

Classic Lucca

Walking around Lucca’s old town streets it’s like coming back to the past, to Middle Ages exactly, the period that marked its history in a very strong way. A lot of churches, house towers and old buildings today are still present along its narrow streets and its large squares within the walls contributing to make special and intimate the atmosphere of the city.

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